Waterstone Management Group is a boutique management consulting firm that helps technology companies and their investors create measurable value by identifying and capitalizing on disruptive growth opportunities and by driving excellence in Services, Cloud, and Customer Success performance. Waterstone's expertise-driven approach combines deep industry-specific intellectual property and a unique blend of strategic consulting and executive-level operating experience to deliver high velocity strategy and execution.


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Six Warning Signs Your Company is Vulnerable to Disruption

Eric Pelander, Managing Director, shares his insight on how to recognize if your business is ripe for disruption.

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IDC Directions 2017 Conference Takeaways

Senior Associate Dan Sherman highlights three takeaways that are relevant for businesses facing the complexities associated with digital transformation.

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Why Perimeter Security Fails to Defend Businesses from Cyberattacks

John Parkinson shares his thoughts on the ever-increasing number and sophistication of cyberattacks and why the bad guys have the upper hand.

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