Discovery Days

Collaborative, facilitated, executive working sessions to assess current-state performance issues and identify future-state improvement opportunities:

  • By bringing together the right people in the right setting, the ‘point of departure’ can be rapidly established
  • Through expert facilitation, an honest assessment of the client situation can be aired and agreed
  • Working together, we can prioritize opportunities and develop buy-in from key stakeholders quickly to turn thoughts into concrete action


Customer & Market Insight

Access to a broad range of customer research tools and specialist customer survey panels:

  • Take a hypothesis-led approach to zeroing-in on key insights and build action plans quickly
  • Get an independent viewpoint on and assessment of what your customers are thinking, needing, and seeking
  • Develop a true and deep understanding of the minds of the people who matter most in your industry


Benchmark Data Bank

Extensive collection of financial, operating, and technical metrics specific to technology-related industries:

  • Drill-down on root causes of issues by comparing metrics to peers
  • Get insight into best-in-class firms to better understand your own full potential


Recurring Revenue Models

Rich and developed templates designed to help comprehend and visualize the impact of Cloud, SaaS, Managed Services, and Maintenance offerings:

  • Proven and extensive expertise in recurring revenue paradigms ensures access to the very latest thinking
  • By exploring different scenarios, the full implications of a new business model can be better understood
  • Rapidly identify and quantify opportunities and trade-offs of shifting from today’s business to tomorrow’s vision


Business Partner Evaluation

Rigorous evaluation process to select joint-venture partners and human capital investments:

  • Get immediate, specific, and relevant expertise and advice to come to an evaluation decision
  • An independent point-of-view to ensure the most appropriate selection is made based on facts
  • Leverage our extensive industry contacts to get a complete picture of the available options


Program Management Toolkit

Tools/templates and processes to deploy and drive strategic initiatives in your organization:

  • A suite of resources designed to ensure recommendations and action plans are not left on the shelf
  • Maximizes effort dedicated to change and improvement, minimizes time spent on templates and administration