A global player within the emerging payments market needed to better understand strategic partner requirements and growth drivers. Waterstone developed a partner assessment and prioritization framework to identify targeted value creation opportunities.


Our client was looking to strengthen its competitive position and identify growth opportunities within the fast moving emerging payments market. Waterstone partnered with senior product, sales, and marketing management to execute a strategic assessment targeting CXO decision makers to better understand value creation drivers, competitive position, and growth priorities.


Waterstone engaged with key client management to develop and pilot an assessment framework to identify and prioritize opportunities to strengthen key partner relationships and growth through enhanced product and service execution and strategic account management. We worked with client product, sales, and marketing leadership to:

  • Assess competitive positioning and strategic account requirements across key business segments
  • Conduct business discussions with partner CXO's across all touch points to understand priorities and value creation opportunities
  • Collaborate with client leadership to prioritize, assess implications, and develop action plans to drive potential improvements

Deliverables included prioritized value creation drivers and relationship management enhancement opportunities, as well as facilitating briefings and planning sessions with strategic account teams. Resulting framework and approach provided foundation for targeted enhancements to product, marketing, and relationship management strategies.

THE results

The insights captured from this engagement were used as input to client's overall relationship management strategy - as well as refinements to value propositions and product/marketing program execution.