The shift to cloud computing continues to transform the technology industry. But making the shift to cloud isn’t easy. Providers are quickly discovering just how extensively cloud delivery impacts their entire operational footprint.

Cloud Demands a World Class, End-to-End Customer Experience

Providers won’t win in the cloud market by simply repackaging legacy products inside a cloud wrapper. Cloud fundamentally changes the way products are consumed as much as the way they are delivered. Cloud and SaaS offerings have “consumerized” traditional enterprise IT software and services to the point where ensuring a world class, end-to-end customer experience has become mission critical. Customers expect a simple and easy-to-use product, faster and less expensive product implementations, and a steady stream of high value, low cost (or no cost) upgrades. 

Delivering a world class customer experience is a huge undertaking. Customer journey mapping is an effective way to detail and prioritize the customer experience touch points most critical to delivering the desired customer experience.

Effectively delivering cloud can also require an end-to-end operational overhaul. When undertaking such a transformation, Waterstone advises clients to focus on the following:

  1. Establish a shared, cross-organizational vision of the desired cloud customer journey, including everything from pre-sales and customer onboarding to ongoing Customer Success
  2. Ensure the offering portfolio and pricing architecture deliver on customer expectations and maximize enterprise value
  3. Align financial expectations to current cloud market dynamics (e.g., frequent release cycles, quicker implementation cycles, cheaper hosting options, etc.)
  4. Evolve the operating model holistically so that it is capable of delivering the desired customer experience:

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Waterstone Helps Providers Successfully Enter and Thrive in the Cloud

Waterstone has helped numerous enterprise software, hardware, and diversified technology companies successfully launch and scale their cloud-based businesses. We work with clients across all aspects of their cloud strategy and operations, including:

  • Shaping a vision for the cloud customer experience
  • Designing cloud-based offers – value proposition, pricing, etc.
  • Evolving the operating model, i.e., sales and service delivery
  • Modeling cloud business economics and evaluating the impact on financial

To learn more about Waterstone’s perspective on cloud / XaaS and explore ways that we can help your organization successfully launch or improve a cloud business, please contact us.