Waterstone applies leading industry insights and executive operating experience to assist tech companies in improving customer operations, not only enhancing profitability, but also driving Customer Success and increasing market share. Waterstone advises industry leaders in continually refining their approach to customer operations to drive further improvements.

Businesses Face Ongoing Operational and Process Pain Points Due to:

  • Changes in business environment
  • Improvement in competitors’ processes
  • Challenges in capitalizing on technology advancements
  • Post-merger/acquisition integration of operations

Waterstone Helps Clients Maximize Profitability and Enhance Customer Experience

Waterstone offers a variety of services across the range of customer functions to help clients amplify profitability and improve customer experience, including:

  • Customer Success Design and Execution
    • Customer journey mapping
    • Designing the Customer Success operating model
    • Defining roles and workflow to deliver integrated customer experience
    • Developing and implementing a technology roadmap to deliver scale
    • Systemizing continuous improvement in CS delivery and operations with Waterstone’s Customer Success PowerOps subscription service
  • Professional Services Growth and Operations
    • Optimizing service mix and pricing
    • Improving capacity management, utilization, and cost structure
    • Driving efficiency and increase automation through process and engineering advancements
  • Customer Support/Maintenance Growth and Operations
    • Leveraging technology to drive margin improvements
    • Offering portfolio of value-added services
    • Capitalizing on operations data to segment and engage with customers
    • Improvement of customer satisfaction and renewal rates
  • Managed/Outsourced/Cloud Services
    • Ensuring tight organizational and system integration with Development, Professional Services, and Customer Support/Maintenance
    • Applying agile principles to processes
    • Optimizing data center operations for lower cost infrastructure
    • Automating tools for configuration management, delivery, and provisioning and providing users self-service capabilities
  •  Sales and Channel Effectiveness              
    • Enhancing Account Management roles and processes
    • Driving organizational alignment
    • Optimizing sales coverage and capacity
    •  Aligning incentives with key company-wide profitability drivers
    • Employing channel/alliance strategy to drive growth and profitability

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To learn more about Waterstone’s strategies for improving customer operations and how they can be used to increase profitability within your organization, please contact us.