Technology companies can turbocharge their Customer Success results with Waterstone’s Customer Success PowerOps. This unique subscription service blends strategy and technology configuration to power continuous improvement of your Customer Success function to ultimately help deliver improved account retention and expansion.

Working in close collaboration with your CS Operations team, the Customer Success PowerOps team:

  •  Analyzes and improves the effectiveness of your current Customer Success program and practices, including dashboards, reports, playbooks, health scores, and segmentation
  • Delivers advanced business insights (e.g., root cause analysis, correlation analysis, etc.) through synthesis and analysis of customer data
  • Incorporates leading Customer Success practices to refine operations
  • Configures changes back into the relevant technology systems and tools

With Customer Success PowerOps, you can gauge and accelerate the impact of Customer Success on key business metrics, including net retention, adoption, and churn.

Gain Operational Advantages with CS PowerOps

Customer Success PowerOps has been developed specifically to help companies that have already launched a Customer Success program, and are struggling to improve, innovate, and/or scale in the face of the day-to-day demands of the business.

With Customer Success PowerOps, you can turn your operational challenges into advantages:

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Customizing CS PowerOps to Meet Your Specific Needs and Goals

To ensure that the CS PowerOps service addresses your organization’s specific needs and goals, we start with an in-depth discovery session, where we:

  • Share industry best practices
  • Review your current CS operational practices
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Define goals and priorities
  • Set the CS PowerOps action plan for the year

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Your annual subscription will be based on your action plan and the size and complexity of your Customer Success program.

To learn more about the Customer Success PowerOps subscription service and how it can turbocharge your Customer Success results, please contact us.

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