Customer Success means ensuring that users adopt your technology and businesses quickly and measurably derive value from it.

While this definition is simple, many enterprises find the sustained, efficient delivery of Customer Success to be profoundly difficult. Why? Because delivering an integrated and outstanding experience throughout the customer lifecycle is complex, often requiring new processes and capabilities that are delivered through significant cross-organizational coordination.

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Waterstone Helps Tech Companies Deliver Customer Success

We help our clients redefine their customer experience and launch and scale their Customer Success capabilities. Whether you are transforming your customer journey, launching a customer experience program, or enhancing and/or scaling your existing Customer Success organization, Waterstone can help you develop and execute a clear path forward, including:

  • Customer Experience Design
    • Design customer journey maps across the lifecycle for key customer segments and personas
    • Integrate product experience, digital engagement, and human touch
    • Formulate, prioritize, and execute operational changes to deliver the desired customer experience
    • Align cross-functional teams for execution
  • CS Function Design, Launch, & Transformation
    • Define CS team charter and metrics
    • Segment customer base and define touch models, coverage ratios, and assignments
    • Reconcile / optimize roles and responsibilities across functions
    • Define CS team structure, skills, and incentives
    • Mentor CS leadership
  • Customer Success Economics
    • Design new subscription offers to integrate support, training, and success
    • Develop micro success services
    • Tailor pricing strategies for net new acquisitions and installed base conversions
    • Develop the CS business case and investment models
    • Establish ROI definitions and metrics to measure CS value
  • Customer Success Operations
    • Develop dashboards, reports, and analytics
    • Formulate and refine CSM playbooks and triggers
    • Establish and assess customer health
    • Systematize continuous improvement in CS delivery and operations with Waterstone’s Customer Success PowerOps subscription service

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To learn more about Waterstone’s perspective on Customer Success and strategies for improving Customer Success within your organization, please contact us.