As technology becomes increasingly pervasive in all aspects of our lives, businesses must transform themselves to meet the digital-centric expectations of their customers and to reap the benefits of new technologies.

As their corporate strategy and digital strategy converge, businesses of all types, shapes, and sizes are embarking on “Digital Transformation" (DX). In order to support these DX initiatives, IT organizations must embark on a transformation of their own.

Waterstone can help CIOs, CTOs, and their application and operations teams prepare for this digital transformation, including developing the agenda for the changes they will need to make and prioritizing and managing the digital transformation roadmap. Through DX enablement, Waterstone clients can meet the challenges of the digital economy with confidence.

Digital Transformation as the New Normal

  • Non-technology businesses increasingly need to think more like a technology business
  • Immense opportunity from acting in this way – closer relationships with customers, opportunities to quickly scale, huge reductions in cost of doing business
  • Need for understanding of digital concepts and agility in navigating the landscape
  • The roles of the CIO and CTO are evolving – need to think and act more like a startup

Waterstone Can Help IT Organizations Survive and Thrive in the Digital Economy

  • Assessment of existing IT capabilities
  • Developing the business case for digital investment
  • Prioritizing digital capability enhancements
  • Defining and coordinating the digital change agenda and roadmap
  • Addressing information governance challenges in an extended digital enterprise
  • Adapting a risk management framework for a digital transition

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 Deep Technology Expertise in Driving the Digital Agenda

  • Network of seasoned technology experts and technology and services executives
  • Real hands-on experience leading and transforming organizations’ technology practices
  • Over a decade of helping technology firms successfully navigate their own transformation journeys

To learn more about Waterstone’s Digital Transformation strategies, please contact us.