A payments company facing rapidly changing market dynamics needed better partner insight to support country, account, and product strategy development. Partnering with Waterstone, the company executed an innovative global customer feedback program and enhanced action planning across key accounts, products, and countries.

The Issue

A leading payments company managing hundreds of partner relationships around the world faced increasing competition, rapidly evolving market dynamics, and required more robust insight into partner needs to shape local and global strategies. As part of a complex, payments ecosystem, the company sought more consistent and value creation based insight regarding relationship management, product, and country requirements. 

The Approach

Waterstone partnered with executive leadership to develop and execute an enhanced global feedback and measurement program. Waterstone utilized a collaborative approach to:

  • Engage senior leadership around the globe regarding program objectives and downstream impact on strategy development and action planning
  • Develop an approach to balance need for both strategic insight and tactical feedback supporting performance measurement and management
  • Identify opportunities by determining key engagement drivers, surfacing and understanding performance deficiencies, and identifying best practices across the organization
  • Establish a repeatable program to support management decision making, and critical planning/resource allocation processes at the account, country, regional, and function levels

The Results

The company has successfully identified several key opportunity areas and is leveraging this market insight to drive focused action-planning initiatives to enhance strategic account management and joint market development. Waterstone continues to assist the company in action planning, gap closing initiative development, and determining how enhance the program going forward.