Waterstone Management Group is a boutique management consulting firm that helps technology companies and their investors create measurable value by identifying and capitalizing on disruptive growth opportunities and by driving excellence in Services, Cloud and Customer Success performance. Waterstone's expertise-driven approach combines deep industry-specific intellectual property and a unique blend of strategic consulting and executive-level operating experience to deliver high velocity strategy and execution.


Latest Insights

3Q 2016 Waterstone Currents Issue ReleaseD

This quarter’s newsletter features a compilation of our recent perspectives and advice on today’s tech topics, including Customer Success, subscription metrics, disruption, and IoT.

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Subscription Scorecard Metric Deep Dive: Cost of Customer Retention

Manager Andrew Loulousis and Senior Associate Aman Singh explore different ways to calculate retention, the value of higher retention, and how to determine the cost of customer retention.

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Affiliate Partner John Parkinson discusses the accelerating rate of improvement in bots and the technology, sociology, and productivity factors driving these improvements.

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