A global security applications company sought to identify and prioritize growth opportunities in adjacent markets. Partnering with Waterstone, the company filtered and prioritized new growth plays in an emerging and fast evolving market space.

The Issue

The board of a global security software company wanted to explore growth opportunities in adjacent markets. Given the client’s unique position in the consumer space, it believed it could bring substantial assets to bear (established customer base, well established brand, technology capabilities, and a broad set of corporate relationships) in new and emerging market areas. 

The Approach

Waterstone partnered with the Strategy and Business Planning team to evaluate opportunities in adjacent and rapidly evolving markets. The objective was to prioritize 2-3 growth plays for board consideration. Waterstone helped the client segment and define the markets, develop growth scenarios, assess their attractiveness, size addressable opportunities and profit-pools, and provide perspective on how the client could leverage core competencies to capture share. Waterstone assessed whether a play could deliver $100M in new revenue in the medium term that could evolve to a $500M-$1B business as the market developed. Waterstone played a critical role in determining market characteristics, potential offerings, best market entry approaches (organic, alliance, acquisition), and associated routes to market. 

The Results

The client was inspired to explore a broad platform based play in the target market. Waterstone provided a POV around potential entry strategies, acquisition targets, and next steps required to move forward.