3/4Q 2017 Waterstone Currents Issue Released


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In this issue of Waterstone Currents, the firm’s quarterly newsletter, we offer a collection of recent insights on a variety of tech topics, including a playbook for how hardware companies can compete with software and services and tips around adoption plays that companies can use to drive customer outcomes. The issue also features a summary of TSIA’s Fall TSW conference, the introduction of new team members, and news of our recent Chicago office move.

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The Art and Science of the Customer Journey: TSIA Fall 2017 Conference Recap


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At TSIA’s Technology Services World conference this fall, Tech Services leaders were pushed to step into their customers’ shoes and shape the end-to-end experience—not just their respective customer touchpoints—through this lens. Throughout the conference, three imperatives for tech services/delivery organizations were emphasized: evolving roles and organizations to extend beyond their traditional functional silos, measuring customer health across the customer experience, and establishing new financial performance metrics aligned to customer experience objectives. Principal Claire O’Neill highlights the most interesting points made around these imperatives across the presentations that the Waterstone team was able to participate in and/or lead.

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Power of Continuous Learning in Customer Success



The pace of change in business today is unrelenting, from the velocity of market growth, to new and changing technologies, to evolving customer wants and needs. This is particularly evident in tech and recurring-revenue model businesses.

To stay competitive and exceed customer expectations, Customer Success organizations are built to drive retention and expansion. But it’s not a set-it and leave-it function; you need to be adaptable and instill a continuous learning mindset and process. Measuring performance, analyzing results, and course correcting are a must.

In this 45-minute webinar with Totango, Principal Hubert Selvanathan discusses how to successfully drive continuous learning in Customer Success model, including:

-        Reviewing and enhancing CS processes, such as playbooks and coverage models

-        Setting up key enablement tools, analysis and reporting

-        Establishing a governance model to support continuous improvement



Responding to Virtualization: How Software and Services Can Save Your Hardware Business


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As more and more hardware businesses are being attacked by new entrants and software-defined solutions, vendors are increasingly looking to software and services to fight back against the virtualization wave. Partner Neil Jain and Senior Associate Daniel Sherman outline a four-step playbook to successfully transform a hardware company into a hardware, software, and services business, and share lessons learned from those that have survived the virtualization threat and those that did not.

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SIIA TechChat with John Zuk



Partner John Zuk recently sat down with Rhianna Collier, SIIA’s VP of the Software & Services Division, to discuss current industry topics. During their discussion, John shared what he believes to be the biggest challenges in Customer Success operations today and the key drivers in defining the connected commerce market. View the full TechChat below.


Trends in Technology Services


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Waterstone engaged with 25 technology-led companies over the past several months to capture the latest trends around Cloud, Services, and Customer Success. In this concise presentation, we highlight five key findings around the shift to the cloud, challenges around cloud transformation, support and services evolution, level of investment in Customer Success, and challenges surrounding Customer Success.

Improving Your Managed Services Selling Model


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Many companies have solid Managed Services offerings, but don’t realize their full growth potential because of problems with their Services selling model. In this paper, Managing Director Eric Pelander and Senior Associate Jimmy Kirwan delve into the five critical go-to-market elements for marketing and selling  Managed Services to enable successful growth.

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The QBR Mistakes You Need to Stop Making



Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) are an amazing opportunity, but they’re also where dropping the ball has the most painful impact. Amity asked Partner Neil Jain and other leading Customer Success experts to share their thoughts on the biggest QBR mistakes Customer Success teams are making and how to avoid making them going forward. Neil’s advice  focuses on three main points: OBRs are more than ticket reviews, all QBRs aren’t created equally, and the QBR isn’t done when the meeting ends.

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Why Interest in Managed Services is Growing



Managed Services is expected to grow by more than 10 percent between now and 2020. In this article for Sand Hill, Managing Director Eric Pelander outlines the three factors driving growing interest in Managed Services: the financial opportunity it presents, increasing customer demand, and its ability to serve as a stepping stone to XaaS.  

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