Are Playbooks the Key to Customer Success?



When leveraged properly, Customer Success playbooks allow your team to spend less time planning and worrying and more time actually getting stuff done. In this recent Q&A with Amity, Senior Associate Aman Singh shares his thoughts on the challenges Customer Success managers face in driving adoption and the positive impact playbooks can have on their success.

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2Q 2017 Waterstone Currents Issue Released



In this issue of Waterstone Currents, the firm’s quarterly newsletter, we offer a collection of recent insights and perspectives on a variety of tech topics, including advice on driving tech subscription adoption, succeeding with Managed Services, and monetizing industrial IoT solutions. The issue also features key takeaways from multiple industry conferences as well as Waterstone news, including our new Customer Success PowerOps subscription service and new team members.

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Driving Technology Subscription Adoption: A Prescription for Success



For technology companies that employ a subscription-based business model, sustained product adoption by customers is vital to long-term success. While many new operational capabilities have been developed to drive consumption, many firms struggle to achieve desired adoption and retention levels in a sustained, profitable way. Partner John Zuk and Associate Meenakshi Sharma highlight four lessons learned from the healthcare industry’s treatment of chronic illness that have applicability to tech adoption. By establishing adoption programs that are simple, multifaceted, targeted, and social, technology providers can successfully boost adoption path adherence and persistence and, ultimately, realize the sustained user adoption and retention necessary for long-term success.

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5 Key Themes from Pulse 2017



At Gainsight’s Pulse 2017 Conference, more than 4,000 Customer Success community members converged on Oakland to share their challenges, successes, and insights. The Waterstone team participated in over 60 of the conference’s wide-ranging sessions with industry experts to gain insight into the latest technologies, trends, and top-of-mind challenges for growing Customer Success capabilities. Aman Singh, Senior Associate, and Angeline Liu, Senior Technical Consultant, gathered the collective insights of the team and boiled them down to five essential themes to keep in mind as you design and evolve your Customer Success strategy and roadmap.

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China’s New Cybersecurity Law – Are You Ready?



This past November, China’s legislature approved its Cybersecurity Law, solidifying China’s regulatory regime for cyberspace and potentially disrupting foreign companies that use or provide telecommunications networks in China. Affiliate Partner Tom Manning is featured in this National Association of Corporate Directors blog post, where he recommends companies conduct an overall China risk assessment to determine if the risk of doing business in China is now too high.

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Monetizing Industrial IoT Solutions



When seeking to monetize IoT solutions, there are three key dimensions that manufacturers of equipment and highly engineered products must get right: the offering, pricing, and business model.  In this video, we offer practical advice for how to successfully develop these crucial elements.

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The Customer is King in a World of Converging Services



Associate James Kirwan identifies five key takeaways from TSIA’s Technology Services World 2017 spring conference that Services organizations should be aware of: 1) Services are converging, both within Services and with Sales, 2) Customer Success is more important than ever, 3) innovative Services offers are being developed with new monetization strategies, 4) Services organizations are using technology in new ways to empower their team and providing value to customers, and 5) traditional Support is still crucial.

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Waterstone Launches New Customer Success PowerOps Subscription Service



Waterstone just announced a new addition to its Customer Success offerings, Customer Success PowerOps. This new, subscription-based service leverages data analytics and best practices to drive continuous improvement of Customer Success delivery and operations. Working in close collaboration with the client’s Customer Success operations team, Waterstone will continuously analyze the effectiveness of existing practices, refine the operations by incorporating new leading practices, and provide the resources needed to drive change into all relevant systems and tools.

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