IDC Directions 2017 Conference: Dawn of the Digital Transformation Economy



The impact of digital transformation (DX) on all business verticals was reiterated and reinforced at this year’s IDC Directions conference. Senior Associate Dan Sherman identifies three forward-looking takeaways that are relevant for any business facing the complexities and issues associated with DX; industry-specific clouds, platforms, and marketplaces will become more prevalent, many companies will be transitioning to customer-centric business models, and this shift to customer-centric business models will also impact a company’s IoT strategy.

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Why Perimeter Security Fails to Defend Businesses from Cyberattacks



Affiliate Partner John Parkinson shares his thoughts with CIO Dive on the ever-growing number and sophistication of cyberattacks and the root causes of industry cybersecurity failings.  While awareness and security spending are up, critical flaws in how systems are constructed persist, and until companies address the holes in their architecture and understand their vulnerabilities, they will remain susceptible to cyberattacks.

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How to Succeed with Managed Services



In search of new revenue streams with better growth rates, many technology companies are increasing their focus on Managed Services. To be successful, they must not only select the right services to provide, but also ensure that the MS operating model is properly aligned. In this paper, Managing Director Eric Pelander and Associate Jimmy Kirwan explore the factors driving the opportunities around Managed Services, outline a framework for the MS operating model, and touch upon the maturity continuum that providers must navigate to build a successful and profitable MS business.

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1Q 2017 Waterstone Currents Issue Released



In this issue of Waterstone Currents, the firm’s quarterly newsletter, we offer a collection of recent insights and perspectives on a variety of tech topics, including key tech trends in 2017, the customer experience, disruption, industrial IoT, and cyber security. The issue also features key takeaways from the Consumer Electronics Show and the SaaStr Annual conference and highlights recent team member promotions.

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SaaStr Annual 2017: The Importance of Core Values and the CSM Psychology in Delivering Customer Success



In early February, the global SaaS community’s entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, and operational experts converged on San Francisco for SaaStr Annual 2017, the largest non-vendor Software-as-a-Service confab in the world.. Waterstone’s Dan Sherman attended, and sat in on multiple Customer Success sessions. Throughout these sessions, two consistent themes surfaced—the challenge and importance of communicating a company’s value to their employees and the critical importance of attracting, hiring, and nurturing Customer Success managers that that can communicate a company’s business value.

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Waterstone Announces Promotions



Waterstone is pleased to announce the promotion of Andrew Clark to Principal and Steven Michalkow to Senior Associate.

Andrew helps advise clients on key strategic issues, and is recognized by clients and colleagues alike for his thoughtful insight, exceptional client engagement skills, and ability to successfully shepherd engagements from initial proposal through timely delivery. He has also played an instrumental role in driving many important firm-building initiatives.

Steven works with clients across a broad spectrum of initiatives. Over the past year, he has distinguished himself with his customer journey mapping work, where he has demonstrated a unique ability to distill significant amounts of information into key themes and idea. He has also been instrumental in driving the firm’s efforts around the Internet of Things (IoT).

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How Industrial IoT Monetization Will Drive the Next Manufacturing Transformation



Recently, Principal Hubert Selvanathan had the honor of presenting to the membership of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) on the the emerging opportunity for manufacturers  to monetize the Industrial IoT via smart connected products and services. This topic sparked interest from both technology vendors and traditional manufacturers, making it clear that IIoT monetization is at the top of everyone’s mind. Upon leaving the IIC meeting, three things were evident. First, manufacturers recognize that IIoT can be the foundation of new revenue streams. Second, providers are still in the early stages of this new wave of industrial monetization with a new framework emerging. And third, a transformation of both the business and operating models is key to realizing success.

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John Zuk Named Partner



Waterstone Management Group is pleased to announce the promotion of John Zuk to Partner. Since joining the firm in 2014, John has applied technology and business strategy innovation expertise to deliver measurable value to our clients. We look forward to John’s continued contribution to the success of our clients and of the firm.

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