Waterstone provides comprehensive M&A support to financial sponsors and management teams that ranges from commercial diligence to post-transaction integration to value creation. Our structured approach to developing an acquisition strategy, performing due diligence, and executing against that strategy helps our clients successfully complete M&As with a focus on creating measurable value. 

Investment Thesis Development

  • Developing make/buy/align strategy
  • Analyzing and screening early phase market and industry
  • Identifying target based on strategic objectives
  • Formulating competitive positioning and growth thesis

Business Due Diligence

  • Determining market size and growth potential
  • Analyzing unit profitability and performance
  • Assessing performance (financial, operations, customer)
  • Assessing capabilities (process, organization, technology)
  • Developing value creation model and timeline
  • Identifying transition and execution considerations

Investment Value Roadmap  

  • Defining objectives and roadmap agenda
  • Chartering value creation initiatives
  • Establishing metrics and program management structure

Post-transaction Value Realization

  • Realizing synergies, tracking and measuring expense reduction efforts
  • Supplying ongoing implementation advisory and analytical assistance
  • Providing management support
  • Providing functional team support

To learn more about how Waterstone can help you successfully navigate and create value through M&As, please contact us.