Performance analytics can be a broad topic with a number of different definitions. At Waterstone, we view performance analytics as the measures, tools, and analyses that help a company understand the drivers of their past performance, manage their current business, and predict and control future outcomes. The pace of change in the tech industry continues to accelerate, and the metrics used to measure and assess a company and the industry need to change too. 

Technology companies that take a systematic view of their market, customers, products, operations, and competitors are at a distinct advantage. We find that most companies are good at evaluating one or two of these key areas, but few have a firm grasp of all of them and their inter-dependencies. In addition, many companies tend to be overly focused on past performance and limit their forward view to the next budget year. The pace-setters take a longer term view of the market and their business, anticipate shifts, and use advanced analytics to steer towards future goals. 

Waterstone Helps Clients Leverage Performance Analytics to Understand and Growth their Businesses

Waterstone uses a variety of tools and intelligence sources to help companies evaluate, predict, and improve their performance, including:

  • Subscription Scorecard: A re-balanced scorecard for subscription and SaaS companies to manage towards greater financial value
  • Tech Business Model Frameworks: Analytical approaches, architectures, and P&L models to enable systematic comparisons across years and forecasts, against peers, and through a shifting business model
  • Benchmarks: Extensive data on more than 50 public and private technology companies, including performance on Subscription Scorecard metrics and best practices
  • Valuation Analyses: Extensive research, modeling, and regression analyses on the levers and drivers of financial valuations at technology companies

Developed through our extensive work with software, hardware, and services companies of various sizes and at different growth stages, these assets are refined and enhanced continually to offer the most relevant and timely insights possible.

Waterstone leverages these tools and intelligence in combination with our industry expertise to provide operational guidance and actionable growth plans tailored for our clients. 

To learn more about how Waterstone can help you use performance analytics to better understand and grow your business, please contact us.