A large, diversified provider of hardware, software, and services wanted to establish greater consistency and standardization across its portfolio of infrastructure technology outsourcing services. Waterstone developed a framework that is now being deployed across the business unit, to transform existing offerings and as standard practice for introducing new offers.

The Issue

The services business unit was experiencing a number of external and internal challenges with implications to its large portfolio of offerings. The traditional IT outsourcing model was in decline and the market was shifting as a result of the cloud model. Internally there was a lack of standardization of offerings, which had historically been sold in a highly customized fashion and was therefore difficult to deliver in a repeatable way.

The Approach

Waterstone was engaged to drive standardization of the offering portfolio as part of a broader business unit transformation program. Waterstone partnered with a cross-functional client team consisting of portfolio strategy, offering owners, delivery leads, and corporate strategy to complete this work in three phases. In the first phase, Waterstone introduced a component-based approach to define a standardization framework, and validated the framework by leveraging it to redefine a few offers. Waterstone drove the broad socialization of the framework, gaining support from other groups such as sales, solution development, and delivery. In phase two, Waterstone helped develop a roadmap to transform the entire existing portfolio into standardized offerings. In parallel, Waterstone continued leveraging the framework to redefine more offerings, and also refined the framework further as it was tested against increasingly complex offers. The third phase focused on selected aspects of the operating model to support sale of standardized offerings. Waterstone drove a pilot of the approach in the field, working with sales and solution development teams to re-engineer processes and implement governance where needed.

The Results

The standardization framework is being used to redefine over 50 offerings composed of a mix of traditional and cloud-based models, and is being adopted across the business unit to drive greater standardization and efficiency. Waterstone partnered with the client's portfolio strategy team to establish an internal group to continue operationalizing the standardization framework. The framework has subsequently been incorporated into the core offer definition methodology.