A major technology and services provider needed to refine its solutions and alliance strategy to more effectively pursue emerging global opportunities. Partnering with Waterstone, prioritized solutions and profiled markets relative to unique country dynamics, entry considerations, and alliance strategy implications. 

The Issue

A global technology and services company whose core business was becoming increasingly commoditized, faced rapidly evolving market dynamics and recognized the need to explore new, and potentially game-changing solution and alliance strategies to drive future growth. The client launched an assessment of key strategic markets – as well as an evolution of ecosystem players (SIs, SPs, and other stakeholders) required to capitalize on new opportunities. 

The Approach

Waterstone partnered with the leadership team to develop a market evaluation framework to drive identification and prioritization of solution and alliance opportunities - and potential entry strategies. Initially, we conducted extensive research across the client’s complex ecosystem within the connect commerce/payments value chain and developed a framework to:

  • Analyze key stakeholders requirements and market dynamics
  • Identify and assess key drivers of market evolution and attractiveness
  • Map and forecast market evolution towards greater levels of connectivity – and implications for merchants, banks, and SPs
  • Identify potential solution, partnership, and alliance plays

Deliverables included detailed profiles for strategic BRIC and more mature countries and tailored POV regarding potential solution, partnership, and alliance opportunities in each market to support connected commerce evolution at the intersection of mobile commerce, connected retail, and payments.

The Results

The framework and approach were successfully piloted in three key country markets for the evolving electronic commerce space and client is using it to facilitate Phase 0 discussions with key stakeholders and potential alliance partners. Waterstone is continuing to work with the client to build out its Phase 0 approach and exploration with key partners in select markets.