Waterstone is a boutique management consulting firm that helps technology companies and their investors capitalize on disruptive growth opportunities and drive outstanding performance in Subscription, Services, Customer Success and Cloud Transformation.

“These are fast changing industry segments…”

Waterstone co-founders Mark Hauser and Eric Pelander discuss  opportunities presented by industry change and how Waterstone can help you leverage these opportunities to add value for your customers and grow your business.

Growth Strategy

Identify, Quantify, and Map Smart Growth Strategies

A rigorous, data-driven approach identifies growth opportunities, builds business cases, and develops action roadmaps.

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Achieve Powerful Go-to-Market Lift-Off

Launch new products and services with smart offer design, pricing, segmentation and sales, channel & alliance strategies.

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Customer Success

Boost Customer Adoption, Retention, and Expansion

Redefine customer experience and transform end-to-end operating model for scale to grow net retention and boost customer satisfaction.

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Services Transformation

Increase Adoption, Retention and Profitability with Superior Services

Transform Customer Services operations and offerings to deliver a customer experience that grows recurring revenues.

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Drive Performance with Powerful Data, Tools and Analytics

Synthesize, analyze and interpret organization and industry data to evaluate, predict and improve performance.

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Private Equity Consulting

Identify and Realize Investment Value Creation Opportunities

Our analytics-driven consulting informs your investment decisions and idevelops strategies that drive value creation even faster.

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Featured Insights

The Art and Science of the Customer Journey: TSIA Fall 2017 Conference Recap

Claire O’Neill highlights key takeaways from the TSIA conference in Las Vegas, where Tech Services leaders were pushed to step into their customers’ shoes and shape the end-to-end experience through this lens.

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Harnessing the Power of Continuous Learning In Customer Success

Customer Success is not a set-it and leave-it function; measuring performance, analyzing results and course correcting are a must. Hubert Selvanathan shares the tactics and tools you need to drive continuous learning in your CS model.

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Responding to Virtualization: How Software & Services Can Save Your Hardware Business

As more and more hardware businesses are being attacked by new entrants and software-defined solutions, Neil Jain and Dan Sherman urge vendors to embrace software and services to fight back against the virtualization wave.

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Featured Results

Continuous Improvement Starts Here

Have you thoroughly mapped your short-term and long-term growth strategies? What are your current pain points, operationally? Do you have adequate tools to measure and predict performance? Are you transitioning to the cloud or introducing new products or services?

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