Category: Growth Strategy

Developed a Comprehensive Market Evaluation Framework for Global Expansion and Analyzed Execution Requirements for $3B+ in Incremental Revenue Plays

Fortune 50 global technology and services provider sought to explore new and potentially “game changing” solution and alliance strategies to drive future growth and more effectively pursue emerging global opportunities. We developed a comprehensive market evaluation framework for global expansion and analyzed execution requirements to inform $3B+ in incremental revenue plays.

Designed Enterprise-Wide Customer Success Model and Optimized Offering Design and Pricing in Line with Client Goals and Industry Best Practices

An enterprise application software provider with $1B+ annual revenue needed to define and enhance service offerings to support investments, including Customer Success, Professional Services and Support. Waterstone designed enterprise-wide Customer Success model to support current and future offerings and optimized offering design and pricing in line with client goals and industry best practices.

Developed Business Model, Investment Case and Execution Plan for a New Premium Consumer Tech Services Offering

A $40B national communications provider sought new products and value-added services to offset declining growth rates in video, telephone and broadband businesses. We developed the business model, investment case and execution plan for a new premium consumer tech services offering.

Developed Value Roadmap for Service Delivery Organization to Reduce Run Rate Costs by 34%

A private equity firm was considering the acquisition of a provider of technology platforms that enable user-generated content. As part of its due diligence, the client wanted to identify and quantify cost-saving opportunities across the target’s service delivery organization and operations. We developed a value roadmap that recommended improvement initiatives estimated to reduce run rate costs by 34%.