Redesigned Post-Sale Customer Engagement Model to Boost Adoption and Retention

$100M high growth marketing automation software company wanted to better drive greater adoption of its platform, and maximize renewals and expansions within the installed base. We re-designed the end-to-end post-sales customer engagement model, mapped roles and responsibilities for all post-sales functions across the customer lifecycle, and updated the post-sales organization model to deliver on target customer outcomes.

Developed and Advised on Execution of 3-Year Growth Plan and Merger Integration to Grow Installed Base Revenue

A $650M ERP software provider with low single-digit market growth wanted to improve its installed base revenue growth and improve its Services operations. We developed and advised on the execution of an enterprise-wide 3 year growth plan and merger/integration that realized $14M in targeted syndergies ahead of schedule and achieved additional growth and value in the installed customer base.

Created Significant Enterprise and Customer Value Through Services Transformation

A global enterprise software company sought to evolve its Services strategy and operations to drive growth and profitability. We developed and advised on the execution of a phased roadmap for cloud growth and services improvement. As a result, the Cloud Services business grew from start-up to $40M with 25% margin Professional Services margin increased 8% and SaaS business is growing at >40% year over year.

Standardized and Improved Support Offerings to Strengthen Customer Satisfaction and Drive Revenue Retention and Cross-Sell for Installed Base

$300M provider of mature systems software and database solutions wanted to simplify and harmonize disparate support offerings to protect and grow its customer base. We developed standardized, improved Support offers, processes and controls to increase customer satisfaction, retention and cross-sell.

Transformed Customer Success Model, Organization and Practices to Improve Net Retention and Drive Adoption

A SaaS provider with $1B+ in annual recurring revenue needed a Customer Success strategy to improve net retention and drive adoption of a new product platform across its installed base. We redesigned the Customer Success model, organization and practices and developed the 18-month transformation roadmap and investment case to achieve their goals.

Developed a Comprehensive Market Evaluation Framework for Global Expansion and Analyzed Execution Requirements for $3B+ in Incremental Revenue Plays

Fortune 50 global technology and services provider sought to explore new and potentially “game changing” solution and alliance strategies to drive future growth and more effectively pursue emerging global opportunities. We developed a comprehensive market evaluation framework for global expansion and analyzed execution requirements to inform $3B+ in incremental revenue plays.