• $800M enterprise data visualization software company


  • Client in process of shifting revenue mix to subscription, and was experiencing low retention rates for subscription revenue
  • Transition illustrated the need to refresh the end-to-end customer journey for all main customer segments


Waterstone worked with cross-functional leadership to redesign the customer experience model across segments in order to improve adoption and retention rates.

  • Reviewed retention rates across 4 key customer segments
  • Designed customer engagement models to drive adoption
  • Framed and prioritized operational initiatives (functional and cross-functional) to deliver the targeted experience, including adoption path nurture campaigns, investment in the Customer Success role, development of a proactive account health monitoring system and various Support initiatives to reduce backlog and improve response times
  • Codified the Customer Success role to help drive ongoing adoption and expansion; piloted CSM role for high-touch engagement with select strategic accounts and online subscriptions
  • Redefined renewals organization, processes and incentive model to drive joint ownership between sales, renewals team and Customer Success


  • Alignment across functions on operational priorities and budgets
  • Definition and initial funding of the Customer Success pilot to drive ongoing customer engagement
  • Early results from the pilot showing positive customer feedback, with retention rates trending higher