Customer Journey Mapping and Experience Design Strategy

Subscription success relies on developing continuous, long-term relationships with your customers. Delivering a remarkable customer experience builds these relationships – and your bottom line.

As cloud subscription and as-a-service models grow and dominate the competitive landscape, delivering a remarkable customer experience right is essential for increasing retention rates and expanding revenue streams.

Waterstone’s operational expertise helps legacy and born-in-the-cloud technology companies map, design and implement successful customer experience strategies that deliver value to customers and measurable return to clients.

The First Step to Customer Success: Engage Customers, Deliver Value

The hallmark of an exceptional customer experience is cohesive and continuous engagement throughout the lifecycle. Achieving this requires a singular vision of what the customer experience looks like, along with the operational strategy to deliver it.

Waterstone’s three-step customer experience design methodology helps technology companies map, operationally define and execute a successful customer experience strategy:

Step 1: Map the Journey

What does a customer experience when interacting with your company, from their initial interest in your product or service, through to renewal? A clearly defined customer journey map is the first step to establishing an organizational shared vision of the ideal customer experience.

Segmenting your customers and designing tailored customer journey maps for each segment pays dividends in customer retention and makes best use of finite operational and corporate resources. Identifying each segment’s “moments of truth” – key interactions during the lifecycle that impact emotional response to your product or service and your company – are the building blocks of a strong and profitable long-term relationship.

Step 2: Define the Operational Imperatives

Waterstone’s experts collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to identify the operational changes within individual functions and cross-functionally that must be made to deliver exceptional customer journeys. We drill down into roles, processes and systems currently in place to identify gaps and redundancies with scalability in mind. These imperatives become a defined and targeted set of initiatives.

Step 3: Craft the Execution Plan

Identified operational changes are then prioritized to develop a detailed executional road map that includes a phased timeline, clear charters, ownership and economic benefits.

Stakeholder Buy-In Is a Must

Even the best customer experience design strategy may fall short of goals if all relevant operational parties are not committed to delivering an optimal customer experience. Our unique approach facilitates engagement from cross-functional stakeholders, and provides the structure and tools that ensure sustained success.

Achieving Subscription Success through Customer Journey Mapping

Dhaval Moogimane and Steven Michalkow discuss two golden rules of customer engagement and the power of customer journey mapping in defining and delivering a superior customer experience.

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Redesigned Customer Experience Model to Boost Subscription Adoption and Retention Rates

An $800M data visualization software company shifting its revenue mix to subscription was experiencing low subscription revenue retention rates. We designed customer journey maps across key customer segments and developed a prioritized, cross-functional operational improvement roadmap to bring the desired experiences to life.

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Jump-Start Your Customer Experience Transformation

Waterstone’s accelerated Customer Experience Diagnostic will get you quickly on the path to a remarkable customer experience. During the 8-week, data-intensive sprint, we work with your team to define your aspirational customer journey, assess your current customer experience, and develop a practical, results-focused action plan.

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In the world of subscription and as-a-service models, getting and keeping customers has never been more critical to the bottom line. Our experts can help you win those one-on-one battles every day.

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