Improve Customer Success Operations and Results

In the face of quickly evolving practices and the day-to-day responsibilities of delivering Customer Success, it can be difficult for technology companies to make necessary improvements in their Customer Success operations.

We can help you transform your Customer Success operations function into a high-functioning, well-oiled machine capable to improving customer satisfaction, retention and expansion.

Achieve Continuous Customer Success Improvement

Customer Success PowerOps, our Operations-as-a-Service subscription, blends strategy and technology configuration to drive continuous improvement in your Customer Success operations.

Working in close collaboration with your Customer Success Operations team, our Customer Success PowerOps team will:

  • Analyze and improve the effectiveness of your current Customer Success program and practices, including dashboards, reports, playbooks, health scores and segmentation
  • Deliver advanced business insights (e.g., root cause analysis, correlation analysis, etc.) through synthesis and analysis of customer data
  • Incorporate leading Customer Success practices to refine your operations
  • Configure changes back into the relevant technology systems and tools

With Customer Success PowerOps, you can gauge and accelerate the impact of Customer Success on key business metrics, including net retention, adoption and churn.

Gain Operational Advantages with Customer Success PowerOps

Customer Success PowerOps was developed specifically to help companies that have already launched a Customer Success program and are struggling to improve, innovate and/or scale in the face of the day-to-day demands of the business. Customer Success PowerOps allows you to improve your customer experience, turning challenges into advantages:

Customize Customer Success PowerOps to Meet Your Specific Needs and Goals

To ensure that our CS PowerOps team addresses your specific needs and goals, we start with an in-depth discovery session, where we:

  • Share industry best practices
  • Review your current CS operational practices
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Define goals and priorities
  • Set the CS PowerOps action plan for the year

Your annual subscription will be based on your action plan and the size and complexity of your Customer Success program.

The Power of Continuous Learning in Customer Success

Customer Success organizations are built to drive retention and expansion. But it’s not a set-it and leave-it function; you need to be adaptable and instill a continuous learning mindset and process. Measuring performance, analyzing results and course correcting are a must. In this 45-minute webinar, Hubert Selvanathan shares insights on how to successfully drive continuous learning in your Customer Success model.

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Improve Your Customer Success Operations to Boost Customer Success Results

We systematize and drive continuous Customer Success operational improvement to ensure you achieve the best Customer Success results possible.

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