Four Go-To-Market Essentials in Today’s Market

The stakes are high for tech providers needing to keep up with the dynamic requirements of markets and the customers they serve. John Zuk characterizes four dimensions of current go-to-market as essential requirements for today’s tech providers.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Tech buyers’ needs are ever-changing, and tech providers must continuously innovate their go-to-market approach to exploit new and emerging market opportunities.

Customers and markets are highly dynamic. Requirements are continuously evolving based on new technologies, competitors, and regulations. This drives an ever-changing need for new products and services that are delivered and maintained in new ways.

Just as product development processes have evolved from waterfall to agile methods, tech firms must have nimble, “sense and respond” go-to-market capabilities that continuously seek out customer opinion and market conditions. Enterprises must be able to rapidly assess and then operationalize those inputs, using them to evolve and simplify their product and services portfolios while thinking strategically about how best to get those products and services to market in a way that maximizes ROI.

Know Your Customers Better Than They Know Themselves

How well do you really know your customers and what they need? Do you uniquely identify and market to each of the key personas that inform the purchase decision for your products and services? Do you understand—and act on—unique requirements that are a result of contextual differences across market segments, sectors, and geographies?

Waterstone is uniquely qualified to serve as your advisor and consulting provider to uncover your customers’ true needs. With deep expertise in primary and secondary research techniques, technologies and practical experience, Waterstone asks the right questions that deliver actionable insights into segmentation and customer needs.

Think Big Picture, Think Detail

Knowing what customers are looking for isn’t enough; these insights need to translate into real products and services that people can buy and are profitable to sell. Customers will positively respond to products and services offerings across software, managed services, professional services and maintenance when they are designed with care; with a clear value proposition that is contextually-tuned, relevant and consumable.

Waterstone uses a highly cross-functional, results-driven approach that enables our clients to design, develop, launch and scale new products and services that customers want and need. We have proven methods for partnering with our clients to rationalize portfolios and mine capacity for new initiatives that can meet customer needs today and in future.

We Help Make Market Success Happen

The right approach to sales can make or break new offer launches and portfolio transformations. Given the investment and hard work to bring your offers to market, developing the right strategy to maximize market impact and improve return on investment means serious evaluation across the spectrum of market entry and sales strategies.

As believers in execution, not just design, we know it’s vital to develop early momentum, hit launch milestones, and provide a platform for long-term market success. Whether internally focused on your sales team or externally focused on alliance and channel partners, or a mix of both, Waterstone will assess the strategic approaches and formulate a plan that improves your market success.

Product/Service Offer Design & Launch

Launching a new product or service can be a daunting task: many people are involved, each racing to complete their activities, often with varying priorities. To make a launch successful, you need to focus on the right things, and have everyone involved point their efforts in the same direction.

Waterstone can serve as a catalyst to achieve a successful outcome with our Launch Execution Acceleration Platform (LEAP). This proprietary framework covers ideation and definition of a new offering, through design, launch and a plan to scale. LEAP offers breadth, analyzing not just go-to-market tactics, but also competitive offerings and dynamics, delivery, and the business case for investment—together targeting launch success at every step of the ways.

Portfolio Management

As customer requirements change, it is tempting to keep adding new offerings to meet every possible need. But with this ambition comes a cost: a complex portfolio of offerings is difficult to market, hard to sell, and expensive to support. We can objectively optimize and simplify products and services portfolios to efficiently and comprehensively meet key market needs. Sunsetting of existing offerings need not be an upheaval for your customers; in fact, it can be used as an opportunity to profitably reinvigorate the relationship.


There is no single pricing strategy that fits all. Get it wrong, and customers may flee; get it right, and it can be a huge source of value to your business. to stay ahead of your competition, you need to price at the right level, using the right model. Our pricing approach is comprehensive, combining deep analysis with market insight, and it is proven, with countless examples of successful execution across the tech landscape.

Sales, Channel and Alliance Strategy

Getting your products and services into the hands of customers is critical. The old sales clichés no longer hold, and as your offerings evolve, you need to rethink how you sell, where you sell and how much you should invest in it.

Sales teams are fragile but can drive great success. Alliances and channel partners can prove valuable allies, but only when properly managed. We take a data-driven approach to driving profitable selling, leveraging countless industry benchmarks to know when the sales function is performing well and how it could be made even better.

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Rethink Go-to-Market Strategies to Build Value

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