Unlocking Growth With Smart Growth Strategies

Constant change within technology and the technology market creates endless opportunities for growth. Neil Jain outlines Waterstone’s approach for helping tech companies prioritize and pursue the right opportunities with a strategic roadmap for growth.

Business Growth Strategy Consulting

The tech industry’s rapid and relentless change can either jumpstart or derail a company’s growth. Assessing dynamic markets and developing strategies to exploit opportunities and address challenges are the keys to unlocking profitable business growth.

Cloud, artificial intelligence and edge computing are just a few examples of disruptions changing multiple technology markets. Once the domain of software, these shifts are now reaching across all tech sectors, challenging conventions and upending business-as-usual.

Shifting competitive landscapes, heightened customer expectations and redefined cost paradigms underlie the surge of innovative products and service offerings. Tech executives have the tough task of determining the right plays, and garnering the resources to pursue them.

Success Flows from Hard Work, Not Guess Work

Identifying smart growth opportunities requires experience, broad market intelligence, in-depth analysis and an ability to “see around the curve.”

Waterstone provides a highly experienced outside perspective to help you identify, define and operationalize business growth strategies that allow your business to thrive in a disruptive environment.

Our Rigorous Approach Yields a Clear and Detailed Roadmap for Growth

Our proven and highly analytical strategic growth consulting methodology identifies where you should play, and what you need to do to win. These pragmatic strategies deliver outcomes that achieve your critical business objectives.

Market Assessment & Segmentation

Markets undergoing major disruption are, by definition, difficult to assess. We are experts at analyzing markets that are embryonic or significantly transforming. Accurately assessing the size, growth and dynamics of these markets requires going beyond looking over the usual analyst reports. We dig deeper, leveraging a variety of creative research methods, including secret shopping the competition, interviewing customers and industry participants, and identifying and drawing parallels from similar market occurrences. This comprehensive approach reaps the authentic market intelligence needed to develop actionable go-to-market strategies.

Opportunity Identification & Prioritization

Where are the best intersections of your products/services and capabilities with market segments? Working closely with your team, we deeply segment markets from all angles – geography, industry, customer size and other attributes – and match them with your product capabilities to identify optimal growth opportunities. The results are defined offerings and “board-ready” business cases that detail value creation potential.

Build vs. Buy vs. Partner Evaluation

We apply our research and analytical skills to identify and assess acquisition and partner candidates who fit a prioritized opportunity. We target the opportunity that will provide the critical resources to jumpstart your growth strategy.

Investment Trade-offs and Returns

Every strategic business growth plan must be underpinned by a robust business case, including the investments required. We help you make strategic decisions by bringing clarity and support to key assumptions and identifying the impact of variation in those assumptions. Our modeling provides a clear lens to the economics of various strategies.

Strategy Execution Roadmap

Where the rubber meets the road. Our comprehensive execution roadmap drives successful implementation of your growth strategy. Our roadmaps include detailed initiatives, timelines, owners and a monitoring/management method to measure and track performance versus goals.

“Perfect Fit” Growth Solutions

Depending on your needs, our five-step methodology can be activated to build an overall company growth strategy, or for focused growth efforts (e.g., a new market segment). This flexible approach allows you to realize maximum value from our growth consulting.

Disruptive Growth for Established Companies: Going on the Offensive

Growth is critical for every company, and market disruption offers the most powerful form of growth possible. While there is no shortage of tech start-ups attempting to shake things up, established companies can get in on the action too. In this paper, Eric Pelander outlines what it takes for an established company to be a disruptor, and offers insight into successfully identifying, designing and executing a disruptive strategy.

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$2B+ Revenue Opportunity Identified

A global networking equipment and software provider wanted to become a leader in the emerging NFV market. We developed a comprehensive strategy to achieve this goal and drive $2 billion in incremental annual revenue in four years.

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Disruption is a given in technology sectors, yet companies are often surprised when it strikes. Eric Pelander outlines six warning signs of disruption, and how recognizing these signs is critical to your company’s profitability and, perhaps, survival.

Neil Jain,
Managing Director

Grab Opportunity Before Your Competitors Do

Stepping outside the frame to see the bigger picture on growth can be a challenge. We bring a wealth of technology experience and a fresh set of eyes, ears and ideas to the table that help you formulate a growth strategy that drives profits.

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