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Enterprise Tech Trends for 2019

Waterstone has regularly sounded the drum for the tremendous impact of digital transformation in the enterprise, and that is largely because we have seen it firsthand. The maturing SaaS business model, IoT, big data analytics, and more have all evolved from early ideas in 2010 to near ubiquity today. Waterstone is tracking 8 trends this year that we anticipate will have a big impact in the enterprise technology sector.

6 Key Takeaways from SaaStr 2019

Manisha Mishra recently attended SaaStr Annual 2019, which has gained a reputation as one of the biggest forums for cloud companies to connect and share ideas as well as learnings. Manisha focused on learning how companies achieved growth and scaled across high dynamic markets and highlights six takeaways on growth strategies that SaaS businesses continue to adopt.

Cord Cutting in 2019: A State by State Look

Industry analysts forecast another merciless year of Americans cancelling cable tv in favor of streaming services and web content. In December of 2018, Waterstone surveyed 5,000 Americans to establish their relationship with cable TV and streaming services. Check out our results and see which parts of America are most aligned with the cord cutting trend.

PulseLocal Chicago Meetup Recap – Customer Success X.0

As the vision and mandate for Customer Success continues to evolve, tech companies are wrestling with what the ideal Customer Success operating model should look like. James Kirwan discusses three themes that emerged around the Customer Success operating model from a recently hosted PulseLocal meetup at our Chicago office.

TSIA 2018 Fall TSW: The LAER Effective Company

The theme of TSIA’s recent Technology Services World conference was “LAER Effective Company”. TSIA’s LAER model is a framework that breaks the traditional customer engagement journey into four distinct phases: Land, Adopt, Expand, and Renew. Hubert Selvanathan reflected on TSW 18 and the numerous discussions at the conference and took away four highlights in driving to a “LAER Effective Company”.

The Guide to SaaS Debookings: Part 2 – How to Prevent Debookings

Booked sales that never convert into revenue, commonly referred to as debookings, can have a real impact on business performance. Almost every SaaS company experiences debookings at some level or another, but most struggle with how to address the issue. Click to read James Kirwan’s article on the steps companies can take to address debookings, including Waterstone’s SaaS Debookings Prevention Framework.

Harnessing the Power of Data in Product Management

Product management is part science and part art. Recently, product managers have started to amp up the science part of the equation with a greater focus on using data to create and launch new products. Manisha Mishra outlines five categories of data that aid the product charter and illustrates how insights from these data categories can help shape key product decisions.

Do You Measure Up in the Subscription World?

With the shift to subscription and cloud, executing on a post-sales engagement model is critical for sustainable growth. Steve Deutsch observes that in addition to post-sale operating models rapidly transforming to support the subscription mandate, new benchmarks and metrics are required to better measure the progress, efficiency and value of post-sale functions.