Regardless of how much data your company has — and how much your business leaders are asking for — you’re likely missing some hidden gems. Here are 12 examples of what you might be overlooking, and why it matters to IT professionals, and to your business at large.

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Below is John Parkinson’s contribution on In-Store Data.

In-Store Data

Big brand retailers are doing all sorts of things to help quantify and track customer behavior in brick-and-mortar stores, including installing kiosks and beacons, leveraging store security video in new ways, and — in extreme cases — testing smart mirrors in dressing rooms. However, such technologically advanced stores are still in the minority.

“What’s really happening is [data] only gets captured at the register — and not all of it. We see the results, but not the choices not made, options rejected, and no view of the inputs that caused the outcome that actually happened,” said John Parkinson, affiliate partner at management consulting firm Waterstone Management Group. “It’s easy to build false predictions based on what we do see that [fail to] consider what we don’t see.”