Author: aman-singh

Are Playbooks the Key to Customer Success?

When leveraged properly, Customer Success playbooks allow your team to spend less time planning and worrying and more time actually getting stuff done. In this recent Q&A with Amity, Aman Singh shares his thoughts on the challenges Customer Success managers face in driving adoption and the positive impact playbooks can have on their success.

Five Key Themes from the Pulse 2017 Conference

At Gainsight’s Pulse 2017 Conference, more than 4,000 Customer Success community members converged on Oakland to share their challenges, successes, and insights. Aman Singh and Angeline Liu, gathered the collective insights of the team and boiled them down to five essential themes to keep in mind as you design and evolve your Customer Success strategy and roadmap.

Subscription Scorecard Metric Deep Dive: Cost of Customer Retention

In the subscription economy, companies must ensure they are retaining and maximizing value from their existing customers. As a result, SaaS companies need to enhance their understanding of what their retention actually is and how their spend should be allocated towards maintaining and improving that customer retention. Andrew Loulousis and Aman Singh outline different ways to calculate retention, the value of higher retention, and how to determine the cost of customer retention (CCR).

Three Key Themes from Techweek Chicago 2016

Among the diverse crowd of attendees at Techweek Chicago 2016 were Aman Singh and Meenakshi Sharma. For those unable to attend, Aman and Meenakshi highlight three key themes from the conference: turning Big Data into valuable outcomes, letting customer expectations create new opportunities, and maintaining a human element among bots, cameras, and drones to build trust.

Subscription Scorecard Metric Deep Dive: Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Acquisition Cost

In previous Subscription Scorecard articles, Waterstone established that in order to manage and predict future revenue growth and profitability, a company must have a detailed understanding of its relationship with its customers. At the heart of that understanding are two key metrics that often are—and should be—evaluated together: customer lifetime value (CLTV) and customer acquisition cost (CAC). In this paper, Andrew Loulousis and Aman Singh outlines the purpose of these two metrics, highlight various ways each can be calculated, and provide examples of real world applications.