Author: coneill

The Art and Science of the Customer Journey: TSIA Fall 2017 Conference Recap

At TSIA’s Technology Services World conference this fall, Tech Services leaders were pushed to step into their customers’ shoes and shape the end-to-end experience—not just their respective customer touchpoints—through this lens. Claire O’Neill highlights the most interesting points across the presentations that the Waterstone team was able to participate in and/or lead.

TSIA’s Tech Services World 2015: Pushing the Services Boundary

After attending TSIA’s Tech Services World Conference in Las Vegas, Claire O’Neill outlines three main themes that emerged from the conference in this concise one-page summary. Her recap highlights the continued spotlight on Customer Success, the heightened interest in leveraging data and analytics, and the accelerating shift from hardware to software-based businesses.

Services in a Cloud World: Identity Crisis or Opportunity?

In this feature in Cloud Computing Magazine, Neil Jain and Claire O’Neill detail the Cloud’s impact on the Professional Services businesses of technology companies and outline five actions that PS executives must take to adapt to and “win” in the Cloud world. In this exciting and rapidly changing new landscape, PS organizations that recognize the shift in demand, think through their strategies upfront, and successfully adapt their businesses can turn this market shift into an opportunity to redefine their PS identity instead of losing it.