Author: daniel-sherman

Responding to Virtualization: How Software and Services Can Save Your Hardware Business

Hardware vendors are under attack. A number of factors are threatening hardware vendor revenue streams: aggressive pricing, competitors with lower cost labor and/or materials, innovative features or capabilities, and potentially the scariest… virtualization. As more and more hardware businesses are being attacked by new entrants and software-defined solutions, vendors are increasingly looking to software and services to fight back against the virtualization wave.

IDC Directions 2017 Conference: Dawn of the Digital Transformation Economy

The impact of digital transformation (DX) on all business verticals was reiterated and reinforced at this year’s IDC Directions conference. Dan Sherman identifies three forward-looking takeaways that are relevant for any business facing the complexities and issues associated with DX; industry-specific clouds, platforms, and marketplaces will become more prevalent, many companies will be transitioning to customer-centric business models, and this shift to customer-centric business models will also impact a company’s IoT strategy.