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Enterprise Tech Trends for 2019

Waterstone has regularly sounded the drum for the tremendous impact of digital transformation in the enterprise, and that is largely because we have seen it firsthand. The maturing SaaS business model, IoT, big data analytics, and more have all evolved from early ideas in 2010 to near ubiquity today. Waterstone is tracking 8 trends this year that we anticipate will have a big impact in the enterprise technology sector.

How to Approach Charging for Customer Success

Dhaval Moogimane sits down with Allison Pickens, Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight, to discuss different pricing models for Customer Success. Dhaval also gives his take on Customer Success maturity, and answers the question of whether your company should ultimately be charging for Customer Success or not.

How to Get Started on Customer Success

Unless Customer Success is a cross-company endeavor led by an executive team, companies run the risk of not being able to deliver the right customer experience. In this video, Dhaval Moogimane highlights the four critical priorities a company must consider when getting started with Customer Success.

Why Customer Success Is So Important

While the notion of Customer Success in the technology sector has not changed, the economic imperative of making sure that Customer Success is driven within the base of accounts has. In this video, Dhaval Moogimane outlines the three reasons for this critical drive around Customer Success in the market today.

SSD Executive Spotlight Series

In the latest installment of SIIA’s Software and Services Division Executive Spotlight Series, Dhaval Moogimane shares his thoughts with SIIA’s Rhianna Collier on why Customer Success is so important to SaaS companies and how to successfully foster a Customer Success-driven culture. Dhaval also details his predictions for what is in store for the software industry.

Waterstone and Gainsight Mount Successful Customer Success Workout

Customer Success means ensuring that users adopt, and quickly derive value, from a company’s technology. While the definition is simple, many software companies struggle with designing an effective, scalable model that touches on all aspects of the post-sale customer experience. To address this challenge, Waterstone and Gainsight designed an intensive, two-day Customer Success Workout to provide executives with the tools they need to successfully design, launch, and scale their Customer Success programs.

Subscribed Podcast: Talking SaaS Customer Success

Tom Krackeler and Rachel English of Zuora host the Subscribed Podcast, the only podcast dedicated to the Subscription Economy. In this episode, Dhaval Moogimane discusses the growing prevalence of the subscription model and why Customer Success and delivering an exceptional end-to-end customer experience is integral to the success of a recurring revenue business.

Customer Success: The Time to Act is Now

Shifting market dynamics, new delivery models, and rapidly changing customer engagement models are driving software companies to refocus on and prioritize Customer Success. The organizational transformation required to successfully deliver Customer Success is significant and touches on all aspects of the post-sale customer interaction. Dhaval Moogimane outlines practical advice around four key Customer Success priorities that software providers should follow to kick start their efforts.