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TSIA 2018 Fall TSW: The LAER Effective Company

The theme of TSIA’s recent Technology Services World conference was “LAER Effective Company”. TSIA’s LAER model is a framework that breaks the traditional customer engagement journey into four distinct phases: Land, Adopt, Expand, and Renew. Hubert Selvanathan reflected on TSW 18 and the numerous discussions at the conference and took away four highlights in driving to a “LAER Effective Company”.

Insights on Driving Product Adoption Today

Hubert Selvanathan and Manisha Mishra recently facilitated an executive workshop for Customer Success leaders that focused on strategies and tactics critical to driving product adoption. Hubert summarizes four key insights that emerged from the session, which was hosted by WalkMe and Gainsight.

Monetizing Industrial IoT Solutions

When seeking to monetize IoT solutions, there are three key dimensions that manufacturers of equipment and highly engineered products must get right: the offering, pricing, and business model. In this video, we offer practical advice for how to successfully develop these crucial elements.

How Industrial IoT Monetization Will Drive the Next Manufacturing Transformation

Recently, Hubert Selvanathan had the honor of presenting to the membership of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) on the the emerging opportunity for manufacturers to monetize the Industrial IoT via smart connected products and services. This topic sparked interest from both technology vendors and traditional manufacturers, making it clear that IIoT monetization is at the top of everyone’s mind. Upon leaving the IIC meeting, three things were evident.

Three Key Themes from Internet of Things World 2016

Hubert Selvanathan summarizes the IoT World 2016 conference’s three key themes: IoT platform proliferation, scaling challenges, and emerging trends. Hubert concludes his summary by urging IoT solution providers to rapidly assess their competitive and strategic situation and adjust their play books based on the shifting dynamics of the IoT market.

Unlocking New Revenue Streams with the Industrial Internet of Things

Manufacturers of highly engineered products have started to transform their products into smart connected products (SCPs). These manufacturers are using SCPs to take new offerings to market, delivering a spectrum of value propositions for their customers. Hubert Selvanathan and Steven Michalkow detail three strategic business shifts that manufacturers must execute to be successful when transforming their existing products into smart connected products.

3 Key Themes from Industry of Things World USA 2016 Conference

Hubert Selvanathan recently attended the Industry of Things World USA 2016 Conference in San Diego, California. In this concise summary, Hubert highlights the conference’s three key themes: the shift of manufacturers’ IoT focus from achieving internal operational efficiencies to launching smart connected products, the decreasing cost of developing and deploying IoT solutions, and the challenges that providers of smart connected products and services face in scaling their offerings.

Three Key Questions for Monetizing the Connected Home

When it comes to the connected home market, the question is no longer “Should I play in this market,” but “How can I best monetize this opportunity?” In this feature article for Pipeline Magazine, Hubert Selvanathan, outlines three questions that companies must carefully consider when seeking to translate the potential of the connected home opportunity into actual revenue.

Selvanathan Interviewed by SIIA at Dreamforce

In this interview with SIIA’s Rhianna Collier at Dreamforce 2015, Hubert Selvanathan, discusses the growing buzz around the Internet of Things, the continued importance of Customer Success to SaaS/subscription-based companies, and the opportunities that data and analytics present to these companies.