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PulseLocal Chicago Meetup Recap – Customer Success X.0

As the vision and mandate for Customer Success continues to evolve, tech companies are wrestling with what the ideal Customer Success operating model should look like. James Kirwan discusses three themes that emerged around the Customer Success operating model from a recently hosted PulseLocal meetup at our Chicago office.

The Guide to SaaS Debookings: Part 2 – How to Prevent Debookings

Booked sales that never convert into revenue, commonly referred to as debookings, can have a real impact on business performance. Almost every SaaS company experiences debookings at some level or another, but most struggle with how to address the issue. Click to read James Kirwan’s article on the steps companies can take to address debookings, including Waterstone’s SaaS Debookings Prevention Framework.

How to Improve Your Managed Services Offerings

Having the right set of offerings is critical to sustain profitable growth in a Managed Services business. In our latest white paper, Eric Pelander and James Kirwan zero in on the services offerings dimension of Waterstone’s Managed Services Operating Model Framework and outline the four critical elements to address to ensure your portfolio is positioned for success.

The Guide to SaaS Debookings – Part 1: The Problem With Debookings

A seldom discussed component of the SaaS economic model is bookings that never convert into revenue, commonly referred to as debookings. Almost every SaaS company has debookings at some level or another. Read James Kirwan’s brief on the three primary sources of debookings, and the issues debookings can cause for SaaS companies.

Trends in Technology Services

Waterstone engaged with 25 technology-led companies over the past several months to capture the latest trends around Cloud, Services, and Customer Success. In this concise presentation, we highlight five key findings around the shift to the cloud, challenges around cloud transformation, support and services evolution, level of investment in Customer Success, and challenges surrounding Customer Success.

Improving Your Managed Services Selling Model

This paper marks the first in the four-part series, and it will zero in on the Services selling model dimension of the framework. Companies aspiring to grow their Managed Services business should benchmark their current operating model against this continuum, and identify and prioritize the elements critical to achieving successful growth.

The Customer is King in a World of Converging Services

James Kirwan identifies five key takeaways from TSIA’s Technology Services World 2017 spring conference that Services organizations should be aware of: 1) Services are converging, both within Services and with Sales, 2) Customer Success is more important than ever, 3) innovative Services offers are being developed with new monetization strategies, 4) Services organizations are using technology in new ways to empower their team and providing value to customers, and 5) traditional Support is still crucial.