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Why Perimeter Security Fails to Defend Businesses from Cyberattacks

John Parkinson shares his thoughts with CIO Dive on the ever-growing number and sophistication of cyberattacks and the root causes of industry cybersecurity failings. While awareness and security spending are up, critical flaws in how systems are constructed persist, and until companies address the holes in their architecture and understand their vulnerabilities, they will remain susceptible to cyberattacks.

My 2017 Tech Watchpoints

John Parkinson outlines the top five tech trends he will be watching in 2017 and beyond. These watchpoints include the morph of the Internet of Things from the peak of the hype cycle to being both a real opportunity and major problem, the application of artificial intelligence to augment everyday activities, and the worsening state of consumer and business cybersecurity.

Forecasting: Looking for Weak Signals

John Parkinson is no stranger to being asked his predictions for what the next year will bring in the way of new things, emerging trends, and surprises in tech. In this article for CFO Magazine, John lays out the approach he has used for two decades to predict what’s likely to be ahead.

Cyber Security Isn’t Just for the Chief Security Officer

Per John Parkinson, the best place to start in achieving the best possible cyber security lies with the CFO building cross-functional collaboration and cooperation with the business’s cyber strategists. John believes it’s up to the CFO’s office to bridge the gap that often exists between security and the lines of business, to ensure adequate resources are being devoted to the right areas of cyber security, and, especially, to play the role of skeptic in seeking realistic risk assessments as part of allocating resources.

The 2016 Dive Awards for the Enterprise Technology Industry

John Parkinson weighs in on the CIO Dive winners and trends that shaped the IT sector in 2016. John shares his comment for the Transformation of the Year, Most Disruptive Idea of the Year, and Executive of the Year categories. Click below to read John’s comments and the full list of winners.

Eyes in the Sky

The benefits of satellite imagery in terms of mapping and navigation are well known, but what if those images of earth we see could be updated daily or even intraday? How would businesses harness that capability to make smarter decisions? John Parkinson explains the implications of the progression of such technology and what it could mean for businesses in the future.

12 Types of Data IT Can’t Afford to Overlook

Regardless of how much data a company has and how much business leaders are asking for, they are likely missing out on some hidden gems. In this InformationWeek article, Affiliate Partner John Parkinson shares his thoughts on why in-store data captured beyond the register can provide retailers with valuable insight into what drives consumers purchasing decisions.

There’s a Bot for That

We have all probably encountered a “bot” in one form or another, in chat services for online help or artificial intelligence-enabled voice response systems. In this article for CFO Magazine, John Parkinson discusses the accelerating rate of improvement in bots and highlights the technology, sociology, and productivity factors driving these improvements.

How Traditional Retailers Can Save Themselves

While store-based retail isn’t going away any time soon, it will continue to decline, and to keep going in any form, it will have to adapt. In his latest article for CFO Magazine, John Parkinson delves into what a digital transformation plan for store-based retail might look like.