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The Importance of Blending Service and Sales Motions

The theme of TSIA’s recent Technology Services World conference was “Blending the Service and Sales Motions,” and it was clear by the end of the conference that there is significant and compelling rationale for doing so. To blend them successfully, each function must embrace a new operating model centered around three critical mind shifts.

Four Go-To-Market Essentials in Today’s Market

The stakes are high for tech providers as they strive to keep up with the changing requirements of markets and the customers they serve. In this video, John Zuk puts the spotlight on four go-to-market dimensions that are essential for today’s tech providers.

SIIA TechChat with John Zuk

John Zuk recently sat down with Rhianna Collier, SIIA’s VP of the Software & Services Division, to discuss current industry topics. During their discussion, John shared what he believes to be the biggest challenges in Customer Success operations today and the key drivers in defining the connected commerce market.

Driving Subscription Adoption: A Prescription for Success

John Zuk and Meenakshi Sharma highlight four lessons learned from the healthcare industry’s treatment of chronic illness that have applicability to tech adoption. By establishing adoption programs that are simple, multifaceted, targeted and social, technology providers can successfully boost adoption path adherence and persistence and, ultimately, realize the sustained user adoption and retention necessary for long-term success.

TSIA TSW 2016: Customer Experience Emerges as the All-Star

While customer experience has been on the radar for a while now, at TSIA’s Technology Services Worldconference in Las Vegas, it emerged as the all-star, both in the formal programming and throughout the hallways and Expo. First-time attendee John Zuk shares his thoughts on the conference, highlighting the elevation of thought from individual functional area to cross-functional considerations, with a central focus on their overall impact on the customer experience.

Building Your Desired Customer Experience

In this SIIA Software and Services Division webinar, John Zuk discusses common pitfalls that companies face when building the structure and capabilities needed to deliver their desired customer experience as well as accelerators that can deliver results more quickly.

Waterstone and Gainsight Mount Successful Customer Success Workout

Customer Success means ensuring that users adopt, and quickly derive value, from a company’s technology. While the definition is simple, many software companies struggle with designing an effective, scalable model that touches on all aspects of the post-sale customer experience. To address this challenge, Waterstone and Gainsight designed an intensive, two-day Customer Success Workout to provide executives with the tools they need to successfully design, launch, and scale their Customer Success programs.

3 Key Themes from SIIA’s Deciphering Customer Success Conference

After participating in SIIA’s Deciphering Customer Success Conference in Irvine, California, last week, Waterstone John Zuk outlines three main themes that emerged from the conference in this concise summary. Based on the various panel and Q&A sessions, it was apparent to John that Customer Success is still in the formative stages, Customer Success organizations are struggling to operate at the strategic level, and Customer Success must permeate the organizational culture to be truly effective.

Five Critical Components to Commercializing Data-Driven Products

With Big Data technologies having matured and become more accessible, many technology companies are looking to identify and introduce new data-driven products and services. In his article published on, John Zuk, outlines the unique characteristics of these offerings and advises companies to focus attention on five critical components of the operating model.