Author: manisha-mishra

6 Key Takeaways from SaaStr 2019

Manisha Mishra recently attended SaaStr Annual 2019, which has gained a reputation as one of the biggest forums for cloud companies to connect and share ideas as well as learnings. Manisha focused on learning how companies achieved growth and scaled across high dynamic markets and highlights six takeaways on growth strategies that SaaS businesses continue to adopt.

Harnessing the Power of Data in Product Management

Product management is part science and part art. Recently, product managers have started to amp up the science part of the equation with a greater focus on using data to create and launch new products. Manisha Mishra outlines five categories of data that aid the product charter and illustrates how insights from these data categories can help shape key product decisions.

A Guide to Composite Health Scoring

The fundamental underpinning of Pulse 2018 was the notion that Customer Success is bigger than just establishing a CS management team or organization. Instead, it is a company’s ability to drive customer’s desired outcomes and an exceptional customer experience. A challenge that companies face when striving to deliver this larger notion of Customer Success is putting in place a health scoring mechanism that can proactively identify at-risk customers. Manisha Mishra consolidated various metrics presented at Pulse into a concise and effective composite health scoring framework centered on measuring desired customer outcomes and the customer experience.