Author: meenakshi-sharma

Three Key Elements to Delivering Customer Success at Scale

Gainsight’s Pulse 2018 conference highlighted the increasing importance of the Customer Success function and its role in retaining and expanding existing customer’s engagement to drive a successful recurring revenue business. While most companies present had Customer Success strategies in place, many were struggling with creating frameworks and processes to deliver Customer Success at scale. In this recap, Meenakshi Sharama highlights three key themes for establishing and scaling the Customer Success capability that emerged from the conference.

Driving Subscription Adoption: A Prescription for Success

John Zuk and Meenakshi Sharma highlight four lessons learned from the healthcare industry’s treatment of chronic illness that have applicability to tech adoption. By establishing adoption programs that are simple, multifaceted, targeted and social, technology providers can successfully boost adoption path adherence and persistence and, ultimately, realize the sustained user adoption and retention necessary for long-term success.

Three Key Themes from Techweek Chicago 2016

Among the diverse crowd of attendees at Techweek Chicago 2016 were Aman Singh and Meenakshi Sharma. For those unable to attend, Aman and Meenakshi highlight three key themes from the conference: turning Big Data into valuable outcomes, letting customer expectations create new opportunities, and maintaining a human element among bots, cameras, and drones to build trust.

Disruption Ahead: 6 Signs You’re Vulnerable & 3 Ways to Respond

Disruption is a constant across technology sectors. If you are an executive in a technology business, you need to not only be thinking about what disruptions your company can spearhead, but also be vigilant about where and how your company might itself be a target of disruption. Eric Pelander, and Chris Kammerer, outline six red flags that are indicators that a business is ripe for disruption and the three responses a company can choose when faced with a disruption.