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Responding to Virtualization: How Software and Services Can Save Your Hardware Business

Hardware vendors are under attack. A number of factors are threatening hardware vendor revenue streams: aggressive pricing, competitors with lower cost labor and/or materials, innovative features or capabilities, and potentially the scariest… virtualization. As more and more hardware businesses are being attacked by new entrants and software-defined solutions, vendors are increasingly looking to software and services to fight back against the virtualization wave.

Trends in Technology Services

Waterstone engaged with 25 technology-led companies over the past several months to capture the latest trends around Cloud, Services, and Customer Success. In this concise presentation, we highlight five key findings around the shift to the cloud, challenges around cloud transformation, support and services evolution, level of investment in Customer Success, and challenges surrounding Customer Success.

The QBR Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) are an amazing opportunity, but they’re also where dropping the ball has the most painful impact. Amity asked Neil Jain and other leading Customer Success experts to share their thoughts on the biggest QBR mistakes Customer Success teams are making and how to avoid making them going forward.

Customer Success: How Tech Providers Are Making It Real

There is a lot of buzz in the industry about Customer Success and different ways to implement it. While the definition may seem straightforward, delivering Customer Success is not. In this Illinois Technology Association webinar, Neil Jain helps decipher Customer Success and addresses how tech companies are actually putting it into practice.

4 Steps to Successfully Move from Hardware to Software and Services

Whether your company is looking to break into a complementary software market, enhance your hardware products with managed services, or respond to the virtualization trend, transitioning from hardware to software and services can be very difficult. In this guest blog post for TSIA, Neil Jain summarize four key steps you should take to address common challenges hardware companies face when making this important transition.

How a SaaS Mind-Set is Shaping the Future of Finance

Today, finance executives are counted among the foremost champions of SaaS tools and best practices, with SaaS’s more customer-centric model for Finance taking root beyond the SaaS realm. On this CFO Thought Leader webcast, Neil Jain discusses the evolving and important role Finance plays within this model, heavily driving activity around three critical dimensions—metrics, tools, and the investments that companies are making.

Moving From Hardware to Hardware + Software + Services

As companies increasingly shift from providing hardware to providing a broader solution that includes hardware, software, and services, executive teams are faced with a broad array of strategic and operational challenges. In this concise 30-minute webinar, Neil Jain and TSIA’s Julia Stegman discuss the benefits and challenges associated with making this transition and outline an approach companies can take to start thinking through what it could mean for them.

Exposing the Customer Opportunity

On this CFO Thought Leader podcast, Neil Jain recommends that they move beyond EBITDA and cash flow to embrace customer-centric metrics that emphasize the top line, including customer acquisition cost, lifetime customer value, and recurring revenue.

Bold Moves of Software’s Biggest Disrupters

In this article on which software giant—Amazon, Apple, Dell, Google, or Microsoft—was most disruptive during 2015, Neil Jain, tips his hat to Microsoft. While Microsoft isn’t always synonymous with disruption and innovation, Neil believes the company made a number of moves over the past year that will change the way business workers will get stuff done for years to come.