Author: s-michalkow

Enterprise Tech Trends for 2019

Waterstone has regularly sounded the drum for the tremendous impact of digital transformation in the enterprise, and that is largely because we have seen it firsthand. The maturing SaaS business model, IoT, big data analytics, and more have all evolved from early ideas in 2010 to near ubiquity today. Waterstone is tracking 8 trends this year that we anticipate will have a big impact in the enterprise technology sector.

5 Key Themes from CES 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s gathering place for those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, was bigger and better than ever this year. Steven Michalkow was there with a keen eye out for trends that could have the greatest impact on our clients’ businesses. Steven summarizes five key themes he believes we should all keep our eyes on in 2018.

Monetizing Industrial IoT Solutions

When seeking to monetize IoT solutions, there are three key dimensions that manufacturers of equipment and highly engineered products must get right: the offering, pricing, and business model. In this video, we offer practical advice for how to successfully develop these crucial elements.

Unlocking New Revenue Streams with the Industrial Internet of Things

Manufacturers of highly engineered products have started to transform their products into smart connected products (SCPs). These manufacturers are using SCPs to take new offerings to market, delivering a spectrum of value propositions for their customers. Hubert Selvanathan and Steven Michalkow detail three strategic business shifts that manufacturers must execute to be successful when transforming their existing products into smart connected products.

Five Key Themes from the 2015 Smart Industry Conference

Chicago played host to the first-ever Smart Industry Conference, which showcased the current state of affairs of the Industrial Internet of Things, one of the most dynamic environments of IoT application and innovation today. The conference featured presenters such as GE, Microsoft, Cisco, PTC, Rockwell, and Emerson sharing current capabilities and future plans with a wide ranging and eager audience. In this concise summary, Steven Michalkow highlights the five key themes from the conference.

Achieving Subscription Success Through Customer Journey Mapping

Subscription-based businesses are built around fostering a continuous, long-term customer relationship. The ability to establish and maintain this type of relationship is critical to the business’s success. Dhaval Moogimane and Steven Michalkow discuss two golden rules of customer engagement that companies must follow, the hurdles they face in doing so, and the power of customer journey mapping in defining and delivering a superior end-to-end customer experience.