Author: t-manning

China On Track to Be Leading Tech Innovator

Tom Manning is featured in this World Policy Blog article discussing how China’s fifteen years of tech investing, venture capital, and backing of young startups has now bred a culture of innovation in China, and it is game-changing. Tom highlights two innovation areas in particular that will create a lot of lift for the entire set of inventions in China—its smart cities program and space initiative.

How the West Ignores the Rising Tide of Chinese innovation

Chinese innovation is coming of age, and Western governments and corporations would be wise to pay attention to this looming competitor. Tom Manning shares his insight with International Policy Digest on three distinct factors that are contributing to China’s shift to a major innovation superpower and what the West must do to stay competitive.

China: The World’s New Laboratory

In this Q & A with Global Finance, Tom Manning discusses the nation’s quiet innovation revolution. In particular, Tom discusses the key trends in China’s long-term economic development and expansion, highlighting that China is the world’s finance and innovation lab, not its factory.

China Technology Innovation Comes of Age

In this article for Industry Week, Tom Manning, outlines the drivers behind China’s rising innovation star and what this surge in talent means for American companies. According to Tom, China’s ability to compete will be based on products of its own design, invented in China by Chinese engineers.

The Real China Threat: Innovation

Recent news of a slowdown in China combined with stock volatility and devaluation spooked markets worldwide and raised concerns that China might derail the fragile global economic recovery. According to Tom Manning, these fears, while not baseless, were largely overblown. Instead, the real China threat is the country’s emerging technology innovation capability.