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Cord Cutting in 2019: A State by State Look

Industry analysts forecast another merciless year of Americans cancelling cable tv in favor of streaming services and web content. In December of 2018, Waterstone surveyed 5,000 Americans to establish their relationship with cable TV and streaming services. Check out our results and see which parts of America are most aligned with the cord cutting trend.

America’s Relationship with Subscription Services

Consumers spend billions of dollars per month on subscription services, but are they satisfied with those services? Are they aware of what they spend? To find out, Waterstone analyzed 2,500 Americans’ budgets, spanning 21 categories of subscription service. Here are our most useful findings.

Analysis of High-Profile Tech Stocks

When a company goes public, it can draw a herd of investors chasing the next hot IPO. This is particularly true in the tech sector, where many of the most profitable growth stocks live. But is it a wise investment? Take a look at this hard data from a cross-section of tech companies. If you bought $1,000 worth of stock in any of these 50+ companies at IPO, this is what your shares would be worth today.

The Impact of Digital Transformation on Technology Vendors

The theme at the IDC Directions 2016 conference was “Digital Transformation at Scale.” According to IDC, digital transformation is now becoming mainstream across all industries that seek to leverage IT to deliver new products and services and vastly increase scale. Further, IDC believes this scaled-up world is closer than many think and that vendors need to be ready to service it.

Using a PSA System to Master Your Services Universe

Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems can be incredibly useful in managing Services organizations, helping them not just survive, but thrive by maximizing the value of their greatest resources – their people. Andrew Clark outlines the benefits that a PSA system should deliver and offers seven steps a Services organization should take to ensure its PSA system implementation delivers the desired results and the greatest value.