Top Tech Trends and the Emergence of a New IT World Order

The message was loud and clear at this year’s IDC Directions Conference: digital transformation continues increasing in pace and importance. Andrew Clark highlights four key technologies driving the digital transformation wave, and discusses a new IT world order emerging from this wave.

Three Key Themes from Techweek Chicago 2016

Among the diverse crowd of attendees at Techweek Chicago 2016 were Aman Singh and Meenakshi Sharma. For those unable to attend, Aman and Meenakshi highlight three key themes from the conference: turning Big Data into valuable outcomes, letting customer expectations create new opportunities, and maintaining a human element among bots, cameras, and drones to build trust.

Enterprise Tech Agenda: 2016

Data icebergs, drones, augmented reality, Information on Everything, and the API economy are among the tech topics John Parkinson deems noteworthy in 2016. In his latest article for CFO magazine, John highlights the leading tech trends that will make 2016 both fascinating and an important year on the road to a fully digital business and a digitally equipped consumer.

What Can Google Bring with its Move Into Industrial Robotics?

In recent months, Google has acquired eight robotics firms, hinting that the tech giant has turned its attention towards industrial robotics. While today’s industrial robots are limited in capabilities, the potential for future growth is significant. John Parkinson, gives his view on how an innovator like Google could push the limits of robotics and expand the capabilities of the technology.