Enterprise Tech Trends for 2019

Waterstone has regularly sounded the drum for the tremendous impact of digital transformation in the enterprise, and that is largely because we have seen it firsthand. The maturing SaaS business model, IoT, big data analytics, and more have all evolved from early ideas in 2010 to near ubiquity today. Waterstone is tracking 8 trends this year that we anticipate will have a big impact in the enterprise technology sector.

Harnessing the Power of Data in Product Management

Product management is part science and part art. Recently, product managers have started to amp up the science part of the equation with a greater focus on using data to create and launch new products. Manisha Mishra outlines five categories of data that aid the product charter and illustrates how insights from these data categories can help shape key product decisions.

5 Key Themes from CES 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s gathering place for those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, was bigger and better than ever this year. Steven Michalkow was there with a keen eye out for trends that could have the greatest impact on our clients’ businesses. Steven summarizes five key themes he believes we should all keep our eyes on in 2018.

Monetizing Industrial IoT Solutions

When seeking to monetize IoT solutions, there are three key dimensions that manufacturers of equipment and highly engineered products must get right: the offering, pricing, and business model. In this video, we offer practical advice for how to successfully develop these crucial elements.

How Industrial IoT Monetization Will Drive the Next Manufacturing Transformation

Recently, Hubert Selvanathan had the honor of presenting to the membership of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) on the the emerging opportunity for manufacturers to monetize the Industrial IoT via smart connected products and services. This topic sparked interest from both technology vendors and traditional manufacturers, making it clear that IIoT monetization is at the top of everyone’s mind. Upon leaving the IIC meeting, three things were evident.

My 2017 Tech Watchpoints

John Parkinson outlines the top five tech trends he will be watching in 2017 and beyond. These watchpoints include the morph of the Internet of Things from the peak of the hype cycle to being both a real opportunity and major problem, the application of artificial intelligence to augment everyday activities, and the worsening state of consumer and business cybersecurity.

Eyes in the Sky

The benefits of satellite imagery in terms of mapping and navigation are well known, but what if those images of earth we see could be updated daily or even intraday? How would businesses harness that capability to make smarter decisions? John Parkinson explains the implications of the progression of such technology and what it could mean for businesses in the future.

12 Types of Data IT Can’t Afford to Overlook

Regardless of how much data a company has and how much business leaders are asking for, they are likely missing out on some hidden gems. In this InformationWeek article, Affiliate Partner John Parkinson shares his thoughts on why in-store data captured beyond the register can provide retailers with valuable insight into what drives consumers purchasing decisions.

There’s a Bot for That

We have all probably encountered a “bot” in one form or another, in chat services for online help or artificial intelligence-enabled voice response systems. In this article for CFO Magazine, John Parkinson discusses the accelerating rate of improvement in bots and highlights the technology, sociology, and productivity factors driving these improvements.