TSIA 2018 Fall TSW: The LAER Effective Company

The theme of TSIA’s recent Technology Services World conference was “LAER Effective Company”. TSIA’s LAER model is a framework that breaks the traditional customer engagement journey into four distinct phases: Land, Adopt, Expand, and Renew. Hubert Selvanathan reflected on TSW 18 and the numerous discussions at the conference and took away four highlights in driving to a “LAER Effective Company”.

Harnessing the Power of Data in Product Management

Product management is part science and part art. Recently, product managers have started to amp up the science part of the equation with a greater focus on using data to create and launch new products. Manisha Mishra outlines five categories of data that aid the product charter and illustrates how insights from these data categories can help shape key product decisions.

How to Improve Your Managed Services Offerings

Having the right set of offerings is critical to sustain profitable growth in a Managed Services business. In our latest white paper, Eric Pelander and James Kirwan zero in on the services offerings dimension of Waterstone’s Managed Services Operating Model Framework and outline the four critical elements to address to ensure your portfolio is positioned for success.

Responding to Virtualization: How Software and Services Can Save Your Hardware Business

Hardware vendors are under attack. A number of factors are threatening hardware vendor revenue streams: aggressive pricing, competitors with lower cost labor and/or materials, innovative features or capabilities, and potentially the scariest… virtualization. As more and more hardware businesses are being attacked by new entrants and software-defined solutions, vendors are increasingly looking to software and services to fight back against the virtualization wave.

Improving Your Managed Services Selling Model

This paper marks the first in the four-part series, and it will zero in on the Services selling model dimension of the framework. Companies aspiring to grow their Managed Services business should benchmark their current operating model against this continuum, and identify and prioritize the elements critical to achieving successful growth.

Why Interest in Managed Services is Growing

Managed Services is expected to grow by more than 10 percent between now and 2020. In this article for Sand Hill, Eric Pelander outlines the three factors driving growing interest in Managed Services: the financial opportunity it presents, increasing customer demand, and its ability to serve as a stepping stone to XaaS.

What’s In Your Portfolio (Part 2)

In part 1, John Parkinson examined the different ways to “beat the market” when it comes to constructing a portfolio of corporate programs and projects. In part 2, he takes a look at approaches to justifying and funding a few specific kinds of projects.

How Benchmarking Can Lead You Astray

While benchmarking is often a necessary and useful activity for CIOs to measure their organization’s performance, it can also be misleading or meaningless. To properly benchmark, it is important to take into account the size and “shape” of an organization. John Parkinson gives an in-depth example of how properly implement a benchmarking effort to get the most out of that investment.

What to Do When ‘Best’ Practices Aren’t

Following “best practices,” tried and true business frameworks that dictate how things should be done to get optimal results, is generally a good idea. However, given the context and situation, “best practices” might actually be counterproductive and harmful to an organization. John Parkinson explains his views on the potential pitfalls of best practices in an ever-evolving business environment.