Waterstone engaged with 25 technology-led companies over the past several months to capture the latest trends around Cloud, Services, and Customer Success. In this concise presentation, we highlight five key findings around the shift to the cloud, challenges around cloud transformation, support and services evolution, level of investment in Customer Success, and challenges surrounding Customer Success.

About the Authors
Neil Jain

Neil Jain is a Managing Director at Waterstone. Neil brings more than 20 years of experience driving growth and improving operations for technology companies and their private equity investors. His focus is on enterprise software companies, specifically on evolution to Cloud-based and subscription business models, post-sale Customer Success operations, and acquisition-related diligence and integration.

James Kirwan

James Kirwan is a Senior Associate at Waterstone. James specializes in delivering value for technology companies and their investors through analysis of markets, competitive landscapes, financial and operational performance, and growth opportunities.