Engaging Across the Investment Lifecycle to Drive Higher Returns

The dynamics of the tech industry continue to attract private equity investment. Neil Jain discusses the three ways Waterstone engages with private equity firms to drive higher returns.

Private Equity Consulting

Today, private equity firms are facing an increasing set of challenges across the deal lifecycle: a surplus of investment capital needs to get deployed; deals are becoming more competitive and harder to get closed; operating teams are being re-imagined to better assist portfolio companies.

There is increasing pressure to get deeper insights during the diligence process and to accelerate execution within existing portfolio companies. In response, investors are seeking specialized expertise and proven experience to differentiate their approach and to ultimately drive higher returns. We work with leading private equity firms across the lifecycle of an investment, helping evaluate targets, developing and executing value roadmaps and preparing for successful exits.

We Know Tech Like No One Else

Because of our singular focus on the technology industry and our work with 100+ tech companies, we have a unique depth of insight into market dynamics and operating models. We understand the challenges inherent in technology businesses, and we leverage that experience for our private equity clients.

At the End of the Day, It’s All About the Numbers

Our collection of industry benchmarks spanning market, financial, operational and customer metrics enables us to rapidly analyze a company’s performance. But we don’t stop there: We dive deeper to identify the key drivers behind the numbers to quickly develop an actionable plan to grow revenues and improve margins.

Focused Expertise When You Need It Most

Because of our specialized expertise and unique capabilities within tech, we have become the go-to resource for our private equity clients. Across a deal lifecycle, we bring the breadth of Waterstone capabilities to every private equity engagement: market assessment, enterprise and business unit growth strategies, functional performance improvement (e.g., Professional Services, Cloud Operations, Support, retention and Customer Success/engagement).

Operational and Market Due Diligence

We leverage our deep industry expertise and collection of industry benchmarks to rapidly analyze the target company’s past and future performance. Whether on the buy side or sell side, we identify key drivers of market and business performance and a roadmap of improvement opportunities. Our capabilities range from providing sell side support to market and operational diligence.

Investment Value Creation

The first 100 days after acquisition are critical to value creation. Waterstone performs functional health checks to rapidly assess business performance against industry peers and develops an action plan to drive improved margins. We work closely with the portfolio company management team to understand current business challenges and build an actionable plan, with measurable execution milestones to drive improved operating margins.

Post-Merger Integration & Synergy Realization

Properly executing post-merger integration is imperative to recognizing your value creation plans. We work closely with your portfolio company executive team to develop, manage and execute against a synergy plan, rapidly creating investment value.

Technology Market Insights

Tap into the breadth of Waterstone’s work across the technology space, however you need it. We routinely engage private equity teams on topics that are critical to them in forums that are appropriate for them. Past approaches have ranged from cross-portfolio workshops on Customer Success to quarterly briefings on market trends and potential investment areas.

We Have Advised on
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Analyzed the Emerging Wireless Collaboration Market and Target Company

A private equity firm was looking for a tech sector expert to assess the wireless collaboration market and the target company’s ability to penetrate that market. We sized the market, evaluated the target company’s positioning and projected the go-forward financials for the target company.

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Neil Jain,
Managing Director

Dhaval Moogimane,
Managing Director

Improve Your Returns with Experienced Insight

In today’s competitive private equity environment, the pressures to recognize value quickly are constant. We leverage our deep tech industry expertise, proprietary analytics and benchmarks, and understanding of the private equity environment to help you rapidly create enterprise value.

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